About Me

Photo taken at the Library of Congress Washington DC

My name is Sybil McNeil.  I am a librarian and an archivist and have worked as both.

When I left London many years ago, I claimed I would return one day for an extended period.  Who would have thought I would do so as a British Studies scholar?  Especially after a world of time and circumstance!

I am happily working toward my Graduate Certificate in Archives and Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi.  lt is perfect timing to really enjoy the coursework and the practical work without pressure, except for that I put upon myself!

What could be more agreeable than viewing historical resources from locations such as the Bodleian Library in Oxford and the British Museum in London and, oh my, the Conservation Department of the British Library?  As if that were not enough, the list goes on and on from the Royal Geographic Society to Durham University and one of the most progressive youth programs to be had at the Central Library, a public library in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The intervals for individual exploration (and getting lost!) is impactful for personal growth on a number of levels.  Research days are plentiful, as are “Non-Academic” ones, and a mini-break allows time whatever wherever within the confines of time and funds.

So Who Am I?  I am a “retired” individual of uncertain age with a warm attachment to history and the original authorities that give credence to that history, and who has the intention of working in a contractual capacity in archival institutions for an undefined season.

Two of my passions are shown in the photographs below, archives and my grandson, Alistair.  How is that for a good Scots/Irish name?